Brighter Day, Inc. is a private Oklahoma-based corporation serving the developmentally disabled of Oklahoma. Brighter Day works in coordination with the individual and their team to provide the most independent living arrangement possible in the least restrictive environment in which the client is capable of functioning. Brighter Day does not discriminate against any population. WClient4e are willing to serve all persons regardless of physical or mental abilities, age, sex, religion, or race. Brighter Day assists the individual in all aspects of the person’s daily life to create an environment the person is capable of handling. This starts with the physical limitations of their home and the programmatic integration into community activities and vocational experiences. When the client is ready, more complex situations can be created with the assistance of other community service providers. We work to insure the individual has the opportunity of choosing, succeeding, and learning.


Brighter Day, Inc.  has earned a reputation for providing the very best services in Oklahoma. We have been able to maintain this level of service through the development of stable, well trained, dependable, and caring staff. This has been accomplished by providing the very best pay and benefits available in Oklahoma. Training is one of the keys to providing quality services. Annual training is provided to all direct care staff working for Brighter Day.

Established in 1990 – with a solid history of superior services unsurpassed by many other agencies.  Our record is one of superior services and financial stability.

Brighter Day, Inc. is a member of Oklahoma Community-Based Providers, Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities and is approved and accredited by the Department of Human Services and OK-AIM.

We insure the quality of our services by carefully screening our direct care staff and retaining this staff through excellent pay rates, benefits, and by partnering with the staff to develop a strong team of leaders.

Our programs and staff are monitored  24 hours a day, seven days a week and carry cell phones 24 hours a day to be ready at a moments notice.